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There is nothing that is even near as frustrating as when you are just about to finally take that well-deserved vape break only to find that you need to replace your coils. The only thing that could be any worse is when you go to switch things out and discover that you are all out! We get it, people get really connected to some of their juices and being able to take a few minutes out of your crazy day to inhale the flavors that you love is one of those ways that many of us like to unwind, reset and get back to things with a new outlook. So that's why it's important to keep prepared and make sure to invest in some backups so that you never have to go any period of time without your beloved vaping devices. If you own the TFV12 Prince Sub Ohm Tank by Smok, you are going to know just what an impressive powerhouse that it really is and just how functional that it is overall. A great tank deserves some great coils and thankful the coils that are contained within this three pack are going to give you that premium kind of vaping experience that you've been after in such an easy kind of way. With a resistance level of 0.15 ohms, a range of between 70 and 80 watts and a mesh construction, you are going to be in for some amazing vape sessions that are going to have you walking away from them wishing that you would have gotten your hands onto this pack of coils much earlier. The use of mesh is said to elevate flavor as well as increase cloud production so prepare yourself, you're in for something good! Keep your TFV12 Prince Sub Ohm Tank pumping out pristine vapor with a fresh pack of coils.


  • 0.15 Ohms
  • 80 - 70W 
  • Mesh Construction
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