Esco Bar Disposables Vape: A New Way of Living

Esco Bar Disposables Vape: A New Way of Living

Esco bar maintains sophistication in presenting itself to vape lovers. From its packaging to its taste enigma, the brand shows superiority to vape lovers. Esco bar disposables are well-designed products that satisfy the taste craving of users. The flavor lineup is truly interesting and amazing. These disposable vapes work using a draw-activated method, and the design showcases a compact and clean note. Commonly, these products are more cylindrical in look instead of rectangular or square. All devices come up with an elongated mouthpiece that makes the inhalation convenient.

All Esco Bar lovers know why the brand has a huge fan base. The creative style in products and flavors wins every heart in the vape industry. These devices come as a single unit designed with a 1000mAh air-activated battery and a 6ml e-juice pod. Lightweight and easy to control, these disposable vapes have been getting huge demand from users. Besides, these devices also have a small LED that lights up on your inhalation.

There are as many as 35 different flavors in the collection of Esco Bar, including Aloe Mango Melon, Banana Ice, blueberry Ambrosia, and more. The brand keeps the vaping quality high and manages to come up with such huge flavor choices without overlapping the taste. It means that flavors have a distinguishing appeal. When it comes to giving the joy of vaping, the devices from Esco Bar last long up to 25000 puffs. Let’s discuss more Esco bar disposables.

5000 Esco Bar:

This device is a larger version that contains more e-juice for your enjoyment. As the name says the brand offers 5000 puffs and holds 14ml e-juice. The brand has even pushed the boundary and comes up with 6000 puff devices for users.

Quality and Design:

These disposables are well-made products, and the brand leaves nothing unturned to offer the highest quality devices for vape lovers. The mouthpiece has a drip tip style, which can improve your inhalation experience. The best thing is that the devices are small, and they are easy to carry. With Esco Bar, you can enjoy vaping whenever you want. Users also denote that these products are very comfortable while held in their hands.

Flavor Magic:

If your taste buds always crave new flavors, Esco bar would be the best destination for you. 35 different flavors will enchant your soul. Commonly, you will get two categories of flavors – dessert and fruit-based flavors and classic flavors. The most astonishing note is that each flavor stays unique, and you will surely not get bored trying new options.

Sometimes, the flavor profile match, but the taste does not. Rainbow, strawberry ice, and snow ice cones have the base flavor of berries, candy, and menthol. However, each flavor successfully retains its original form. So, you must not stop your flavor expedition and try as many choices as you can to understand the brand and its untiring efforts.

Perfect Performance:

Esco Bars Always top the ranks when it comes to performance. With large batteries and more e-juice inside, these disposable vapes offer some amazing choices for you. You can choose 2500 or 5000 puffs. Besides, the brand never stops its research to make its product more convenient for users. The drip-tip style mouthpiece is proof of it, and this mouthpiece tightens up the draw very well.

Experience with Esco Bar: 

At your initial draw, you feel the strongest flavor, and it gives you a very nice hit on your throat. Gradually, you feel flavors more intensely, giving you a very nice experience. While exhaling, your flavors may make you feel an icy note, and all the secondary flavors become more prominent. The third part is the aftertaste. You will get a very satisfying aftertaste that will make your experience more enjoyable.

All Esco bar disposables are unique and interesting, and you will enjoy the smooth feeling of these products. The brand comes up with many extraordinary choices. The brand gave thought while selecting its flavors, and it is clearly visible in its wide collection. So, the brand provides you with a well-mixed flavor that you will enjoy while vaping.

Some Common Flavor Options That You Can Try Are:

Esco Bar Kiwi Guava

you will get a perfect tropical blend with the juicy kiwi and ripe guava. This offers a very beautiful flavor note. Every product from Elf Bar offers interesting flavor details, and this disposable is no exception.

Peach, Pineapple Esco Bar:

The smell of pineapple spills the magic of vaping. A great balance of flavor without ice is the most preferred choice for many.

Explore other flavors of the brand and get a great experience. If you are looking for high-quality Esco bar products for your business, VGI Distribution will satisfy your all requirements. We are a trusted vape and allied product distributor and have been enjoying business with a long tail of happy customers. Send us your requirement, and we will contact you soon. Please visit us to know more.

Sep 16th 2022 Jack Ruell

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