Find The Best Deals on Raw Cones Wholesale and Enjoy Smoking Like Never Before!

Find The Best Deals on Raw Cones Wholesale and Enjoy Smoking Like Never Before!

Raw cones always have high demand because the brand has been in the heart of smokers and vape lovers. RAW is known for its unbleached rolling papers that give you the real flavor of hemp. These papers are made, maintaining superior quality to give the ease of rolling your joint. However, those who are not pros at rolling are seeking the heavenly experience with Raw cones. It is a pre-rolled cone made of the same unbleached and no additive raw rolling paper. If you are running a business in the vape industry, you can buy Raw cones wholesale from a trusted distributor.

Raw Classic Cone:

Raw classic cones come in a wide variety, as many as you want to meet your different moods. From single size to king size, everything is available. RAW always understands the needs of vape lovers and introduces products that help them enjoy their herbs smoothly and perfectly.

If you love small cones, RAW Classic 1¼ Cones will satisfy your choice extraordinarily. This cone is made of the same rolling paper that you will get as the RAW classic papers. Every RAW paper comes from natural plants and contains zero burn additives. This specially crafted RAW Classic 1¼ Cones come in 6 and 32 cone packs. You can even choose a 20 RAW cones pack that includes a foldable funnel.

RAW classic king-size cones are also very popular. You will get the core RAW flavor in every product, and the king-size cones are no exception. You can buy this RAW king-size cone in a 3 and 32-cone pack. You can even get it in 800 and 14000 pieces bulk boxes. Distributors often run special deals on bulk orders. Your vape business always needs RAW products in stock because every vape connoisseur knows RAW defines the true note of vaping. Buy Raw cones wholesale and supply your customers’ demands.

RAW classic lean cones give vape lovers an extraordinary experience. These specially designed cones come in the same length as the Kingsize cone. The only difference is that these cones are skinnier and have a longer tip. Those who have used these cones revealed that they have a completely unique experience with this lean cone. The flavor turns different since it has less surface area in the ember. As the name says, these cones are slim, and you will get a special spiral tip for each cone to enjoy your smoking wonderfully.

Raw has also brought to people a special collection with 98 special cones that fall in between a 1¼ and King Size cone. The length of this cone is 98mm, and it is also lean in shape. If your heart penchants for long-length cones, classic Emperador cones seem to be the perfect one. It is a double kingsize cone. These cones have a popular place at parties and gatherings. 8” long and evenly burning, these cones give you real pleasure.

Raw Organic Hemp Cones:

Vape lovers share a special bonding with the organic hemp cones. RAW has made its products perfect with their organic compounds. As the name says, they have used pure hemp for crafting these cones without adding any chalk or dyes. The brand uses a special water method for designing this RAW paper to retain all qualities of hemp in their products. Each paper has a light tan, and they are hand-rolled eloquently to give you a raw feeling. Find the best distributor for collecting RAW products for your store. Checks the deals and discounts that you will get on your purchase.

RAW Black Cones:

RAW black cones are the thinnest cones with a slow-burning quality. If you want to enjoy your cones for a long time, these black cones will surely give you a sense of fulfillment. Feel your favorite flavor in these pre-hand-rolled cones and enjoy your vaping. These black cones come in 84mm in length and are available in different pack sizes.

RAW cones use the same RAW papers that experts are using for rolling their joints. With these pre-rolled cones, you need to just fill the hemp in them and pack them perfectly for enjoying your vaping. Find an authorized dealer to buy Raw cones wholesale for your stores. VGI Distribution has been serving the vape industry with an array of product choices. We give you what your customers love, and we help you grow in this competitive market. We are following the PACT Act for our business, and our clients are also requested to fill out the PACT Act form to do business with us.

Sep 9th 2022 Jack Ruell

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