Fume Disposable Vape: The Perfect Option for On-The-Go Smokers

Fume Disposable Vape: The Perfect Option for On-The-Go Smokers

In the vape industry, disposable vaping introduces a new trend where brands concentrate more on the convenience of use. Users feel satisfied because they can enjoy their favorite flavors whenever they want without using any vaping gear for it. These products come in different sizes to meet the diverse interests of vape lovers. Among brands that have tried to introduce quality vaping products, Fume disposables show the most successful approach with high-quality product processing and eloquent flavor choices. The brand has the sole aim to offer a different experience that users never forget. Let’s talk more about the Fume disposables and their revolutionary journey in the industry.

About The Brand:

The brand has joined this wide vaping industry with a promise to offer some new and innovative options at an affordable price to the users. They didn’t take too much time to make their dream real, and soon they launched an unbeatable product lineup that would be very hard to touch by other brands. The brand is riding the steps toward success very fast.

When it comes to product collections of Fume, the brand reveals its true determination of introducing what people want and love. The brand comes up with the product categories like Extra, Ultra, and Unlimited choices. Generally, Extra and Ultra have many similarities in their product lineups. The differences are that with the ultra-version, you will get a higher amount of e-liquids, and these products also last longer due to their higher battery capacity. With the 5% nicotine salt in the e-liquid and about 32 different flavors, the brand has left nothing unturned to make you spellbound.

Why You Should Buy Fume Disposable?

Disposable vapes are enjoying a successful journey since their inception because these products meet the expectation and desires of vapers. The compact size and the flavor choices allow vape users to carry these devices easily and enjoy the hint of flavors on the go. While all popular brands are coming up with the best choices, Fume comes up with extraordinary products that retain their users.

Fume introduces products in a very affordable range, which means you can buy different flavors to just find out which flavor touches your soul. Besides the conventional benefits, the brand brings new products with rechargeable options. It means that you can get every bit of flavor before throwing your product.

No matter whether you are a conventional or an occasional vape user, Fume has products for every need. All disposable vape products have e-liquid with nicotine salt. Fume users revealed that the flavors give you an immediate effect than those using synthetic e-juices.

Different Categories of Fume Disposable Vape Products:

Fume concentrates on the vapers’ satisfaction, and this is why it brings flavors in different product lineups to help users choose the best one. Each flavor conveys its unique tasting note, which strikes a sharp difference from others.

If you are really confused about which Fume vape to choose from, here is a simple guide.

Fume Extra:

Fume Extra has many eloquent features that attract the attention of vape lovers. It comes in a pocket-friendly size with a 1500 puff capacity. The device has a 6ml pre-filled e-juice that comes in a wide range of flavors. 850mAh built-in battery allows users to enjoy the flavor to its last bit. This standard size has enough juice for all-day vaping, and the winning point of this product lineup is its smooth hit that will never ruin your expectation.

Fume Ultra:

It is a second-generation disposable vape with a more appealing and convenient design note. It is ultra-portable and lightweight, offering 2500 puff capacity. It comes up with a 1000 mAh disposable battery. Since the pod contains 8ml liquid, one can enjoy several days with the products. The colorful packaging makes these products brighter, and it has an easy recognition factor from users’ perspectives.

Fume Ultra Vs Extra:

Fume Ultra and Extra have a similar appeal, but Ultra offers you a slightly better experience because it contains more e-liquid and has a little more flavor choice. When you are looking for a small size, both versions work fine. However, if you are wondering which one to choose, here is your answer.

Fume Ultra and Extra both have many differences. The primary difference is that Fume Ultra has 1000 more puff count than Extra. For those who extend their vaping experience a bit, Fume Ultra can satisfy their requirements well. For those who are vaping for the first time, Fume Ultra may seem much for them. So, they can go with Extra to enjoy the real flavor.


Fume Extra comes in a very affordable range. Ultra is a bit costlier than Extra. Even though you are paying higher for Ultra, you will get more puff count that lasts longer also. Fume Extra has 1500 puffs, and the flavor contains salt nicotine.

Fume Extra Features:

Fume Extra is the best choice for beginners because they do not need to adjust things for enjoying the vaping experience. You need to unpack the device, and it works on the draw-activated method. The 6ml e-juice capacity is enough for beginners. If you want to quit traditional smoking, vaping devices will make the task a bit easier. You can definitely start with the Fume Extra as the size and capacity would be perfect for you.

Fume Ultra Features:

Fume Ultra has also many features, but there is no difference in quality. You will feel the same flavor appeal in every category of Fume product. 2500 puff gives you a longer experience. To enjoy the intensity of flavor, the brand introduces 8ml e-juice and three additional flavors than the Fume Extra products.

The size of the products is compact, and you can easily carry these disposable vapes anywhere. Since Ultra disposable vapes have more e-juice, they will last longer, and three additional flavors than Extra give you more surprises.

For frequent vapers, Ultra is the right choice, and Fume has made Extra for beginners and for moderate users.

Fume Infinity:

Fume infinity, as the name says, comes up with a 12ml of e-juice capacity, offering approximately 3500+ puffs that will surely meet your expectations while offering a longer enjoyment. With 16 delicious flavors and a 1500 mAh battery, Fume Infinity remain on the most popular list of vaping products.

Fume Unlimited:

Fume unlimited is the brand’s newest addition and it promises more than what you get in infinity. Since the brand never gets tired of exploring new things, vapers are always welcoming the innovative appeal of these products. Fume Unlimited is something that you can never imagine. With as many as 7000 puff counts, these products beat everyone in the race. 14ml e-juice and the best seventeen flavors take the Fume Unlimited to the success point. The design is slightly heavier because of the many things it adds for you. The best thing is that the e-juice can stay fresh in the outside temperature, such is its making.

Fume Unlimited Vs Fume Infinity:

Although these two devices look similar at a glance, they have significant differences between them.

Fume infinity comes up with a 1500 mAh battery with 3500 puffs offering. However, Fume Unlimited offers 7000 puffs and has a 400 mAh battery. So, the Infinity collection has a higher battery capacity and lower e-juice, and Fume Unlimited offers more e-juice with a small battery capacity system.

These two devices offer the same flavor with the same level of quality. The differentiating factor is the recharging facility. With Fume Infinity, you will get a huge battery capacity which is enough for finishing all 12ml of vape juice without charging your device. Fume ensures that you can enjoy even the last drop of vape juice relaxingly with this battery capacity. Users of Fume Infinity shared that this collection offers a stronger hit. However, Fume Unlimited comes up with whopping 7000 puffs, but they are weaker than Infinity.

Fume Unlimited needs at least four times battery recharging for finishing all its e-juice. If you do not feel tired of recharging your battery, you can surely go for this option. Pricewise, both Infinity and Fume Unlimited cost the same.

Flavors of Fume:

Banana Ice:

The flavor brings to you a beautiful combination of Banana and cool mint. Your taste buds will love the subtle sweetness of banana which takes a more prominent appeal with the minty finish. It is really an awesome flavor that you can try.

Black Ice:

You do not get the sweet note, but this option is pretty flavorful. The taste does not give you minty ice, but the ice is there in the flavor. It is a mysterious flavor choice of Fume. The presence of Blackberry in the right proportion makes the flavor really extraordinary.

Blueberry Mint:

The combination of sweet and tart adds a surprising note to the flavor. The combination of Blue Razz and Cool Mint seems extraordinary. If you love ice blueberry flavor, this option will also be your favorite.

Cotton Candy:

It tastes like fruit-flavored cotton candy. Fume Disposables offers innovative flavors, and it is one such flavoring note. You will be excited to get the taste of original cotton candy without the exaggerated use of candy flavor and ice. It has a sweet appeal, but not too much sweetness.

Grape Ice:

In this flavor, you will get the flavor of wine grapes which takes a more delicious appeal with the combination of ice. The flavor is awesome, and it brings the memory of grape juices. You can try the flavor surely.

Lush ice:

Lush ice Fume brings an amazing mix of the sweetness of watermelon and an icy finish. Everyone likes its flavor because it has a very distinguishing flavor appeal. The presence of sweet watermelon will melt your heart.

Ice Mint:

As the name says, the flavor gives you the mentholated, minty ice taste. It refreshes your feeling, but the ice is not overpowering the flavor. Everything in it seems just perfect while every taste holds its appeal separately.

Peach Ice:

The strong sweetness of peaches is the welcoming taste of the flavor, and the icy note makes the flavor more soothing. It is a very interesting flavor introduced by the Fume disposables.

Pina Colada:

Showcasing a surprising flavor combination with coconut and pineapple, this disposable vape has made a unique presence in the heart of vape lovers. The mixing of flavors is beautiful with a slight extra presence of pineapple.

Purple Rain:

The taste has a great combination of semi-sweet and tart flavor notes. All beautiful berries will greet your taste buds amazingly. It is a mixture of raspberry, blueberry, and blackberry.

Rainbow Candy:

Rainbow candy introduces the note of sweet candy, a fruity flavor with an icy note. It has a very unique flavor, and one can vape it all day long.

Strawberry Mango:

The flavor introduces the freshness note of strawberry with the sweetness of mango. The mixing of two different flavors gives you a sweet and tart flavor note.

Strawberry Watermelon:

Fume mixes fruity strawberry and sweet watermelon to create this flavor, and it becomes a great pairing also. These two distinguished flavor notes blend beautifully with each other. The presence of optimal Ice, making the whole appeal even more delicious.

How To Choose Your Perfect Vape:

Fume has an array of flavor options, and the brand introduces different product sizes. The brand continues to offer new flavors, and the strong grip the brand showcases is really hard to touch by others. Depending on your use and taste preferences, you must buy products of your choice. You can explore different product categories. In every product, you will get a high-quality taste, which is exclusively available in the Fume Disposables.

The new collections launched by Fume come up with a rechargeable battery option, which allows you to enjoy the last drop of the flavor. Fume came into the industry to set trends with their products, and they tasted success soon after their inception.

If you have a vape store, you should connect with an authentic distributing company that collects original products from the brand. Communicating with distributing companies will help you find all the required products under one roof. VGI Distribution has been meeting the requirements of vape store owners with a wide range of product choices. We have products that your store needs. The best thing is that you will get a continuous supply of your products for retaining your customer interest.

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