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The Complete Guide to Choosing the Best E-Liquid Wholesale Distributor

The Complete Guide to Choosing the Best E-Liquid Wholesale Distributor

The vape industry is thriving like never before. The retailers are increasing their numbers as fast as the vape wholesalers. So, there is a new demand every day, and there is a supplier to meet that demand. Finding the right e-liquid wholesaler is challenging because you will get so many options in the market, and each offers you lucrative deals. Understand your customer network and preferences to choose a name that helps you grow. If you get confused, we have the best solution for you. Here are some tips and tricks that help you choose the best e-liquid wholesale distributor that meets your business requirements.

Location of wholesale distributor:

The distributor's location plays a bigger role in making the right decision. It would help if you considered a few factors that clear your doubts about where you want to place your order. You will get overseas and local-based suppliers. However, your priorities help you find out the right solution for you.

An overseas wholesaler can give you the best budget-friendly choices, but you cannot ignore the additional costs like shipping and delivery costs. These additional expenses can make the local suppliers more profitable for you. If your business is small, you must choose suppliers that can match your operation hours by offering the fastest delivery. Online e-liquid products make everything convenient for you. Place your order in bulk from anywhere and get it delivered within an expected time.

Check the wholesaler's inventories:

Brands are guiding you to choose the right wholesaler for your store. Understand which brands your customers prefer as compared to your other products in stock. You can choose VGI Distribution that offers reputed brands like (Jam MonsterRawFinestAir FactoryA51) with an array of flavors your consumers are searching for.

The analysis will help you avoid the wholesaler that has a huge product collection but the collection holds outdated and low-demanding products. Choose a distributor that helps you collect products from the most loved brands for your consumers. This is an important step that enables you to create your business fan base.

Find out the minimum order requirement:

Every e-liquid distributor has a minimum order requirement. The minimum order quantity means the smallest product amounts you can buy in a single order. It is an essential aspect that has a direct connection with your budget as well as your requirement.

Variable pricing:

It means the prices per unit, which change as per the order amount. For example, the amount you pay for 100 e-liquids can go down to half when you purchase 200 e-liquids. It helps you determine the right supplier for your retail business.

Good customer service:

Customer service is another important factor that can change your decision completely. It is all about establishing a trusted relationship with the wholesaler. When there is poor customer service, you will not get complete satisfaction with your products and prices. You can contact a company that has a great customer service team that is attentive and knowledgeable.

Ask around:

If you share a connection with other vape retailers, you can ask them about their wholesalers. Remember that word of mouth promotion is the best promotion that has trust in it. They are also a reliable source for you.

Check the authenticity:

Don't be shy about asking the details about the authenticity of the products. The vape market is growing every day, and many names offer low-quality or fake products to earn huge profits. A trusted wholesaler may provide you with the serial number and the batch number of the products to prove their authenticity.

Know your market:

It is the obvious thing for any business. Know what your customers like and dislike. Collect demographic data and the economic status of your consumers to stay ahead in this competitive market. This step will help you avoid slow-moving products and stockpiling issues.

VGI Distribution is working with verified businesses only to offer premium quality vape products that meet their customers' interests. We have an array of products that surely give a boost to your profit margins. You will get high-quality products for your store, from e-liquids and vaporizers to hand pipes and rolling trays.

Apr 12th 2022

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