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Zigzag Rolling Papers Are the Latest Trend in Smoking!

Zigzag Rolling Papers Are the Latest Trend in Smoking!

Rolling papers exist in this world for centuries. They have gone through many changes with time, and now you will get perfect rolling papers to enjoy your joint. Companies like Zigzag introduce innovative approaches to make the rolling paper your favorite product for enjoying smoking.

Many people thought that amid the higher demand for vape products, the popularity of joints would go dim. But, the fact is otherwise. It has never lost its fan base, and it steals the attention of people always. Zigzag rolling papers are making huge businesses these days with many surprising product choices. Unfolding the history of these papers will take you on an adventurous journey. So, here is a brief history of how these rolling papers came.

The History of Rolling Papers:

The exact history is very hard to unearth, but many legends thought that Spain was the country of origin. There were many stories about the invention of the rolling papers, but the most convincing one started with the higher popularity of tobacco cigars. Spanish aristocracy got attached to the tobacco cigar quickly. The peasants, at that time, used the dregs of these cigar butts and wrapped them in newspaper to enjoy even the last bit of tobacco from the cigar. Since newspapers were harmful to health, the rolling paper was invented.

These rolling papers got popularity even in Europe and America, especially when the taxation on cigarettes dramatically increased. So, smokers turn to these rolling papers to avoid such huge taxes while enjoying tobacco.

These days, you get flavored rolling papers made by maintaining a high-quality standard. Zigzag rolling papers set a trend in the market because the brand pushes the limit and creates products, showing real art.

Let’s learn about rolling papers, their quality, how they burn, what materials they have, and more.

What Are Rolling Papers Made From?

Zig Zag – a reputed company in the vaping industry always introduces great product choices. The company concentrates more on the ease of use and the taste of the product, which helps them establish a solid place in the market.

The manufacturing of rolling papers gets better and better every day with an array of materials and blends. Generally, natural fibers obtained from hemp and flax are the core compound of manufacturing rolling papers.

This fiber is rolled into a thin sheet, and reputed companies always make the product, concentrating on the customer experience. However, there are many companies that do not follow the standard and use a sub-standard manufacturing process for rolling papers. They use different chemicals like bleach and calcium carbonate for lightening the color of rolling papers. Some companies even use titanium oxide for giving it a slow and even burning.

Always Choose Rolling Papers with No Additive to Experience the Real Joy of Smoking. Here Are Some of The Popular Materials Used in Rolling Papers.

Wood Pulp Rolling Papers:

It is a popular material for making rolling papers, and Zig Zag ultra-thin rolling papers are made using hard and soft wood. Remember that ultra-thin rolling papers are hard to roll, especially for beginners.

When your rolling paper is made of wood pulp, your paper will light easily and stay longer. It means your joint will last longer, and it does not end in mid-smoke. The only problem with this material is that it can mask the taste of your joint.

Hemp Rolling Papers:

As the name says, these rolling papers come from the cannabis plant. These papers are also easier to roll, and it does not mask the flavor also. Hemp rolling papers have a huge demand in the market, and Zig-Zag also introduces organic hemp papers.

Rice Rolling Paper:

It is also ultra-thin paper and does not mask the flavor of your joint. But, rolling paper is very challenging because it lacks the rigidity for rolling the paper. Beginners may not be good at using rice rolling papers for making their joints.

Flax Rolling Papers:

They are thin but have a higher rollability. Since it is made of natural material, it may not produce much smoke. This is why Zig-Zag French Orange holds a higher demand in the market, offering easy rolling and a great smoking experience.

The Best Rolling Papers from Zig-Zag:

The company started its journey in 1879, and since then, it has been giving its best to enhance its reputation with an array of product choices. The company always adopted the trend of the time and comes up with new flavors in the rolling market. Here are some of the best rolling papers introduced by Zig-Zag.

Zig-Zag French Orange Rolling Paper:

It introduces a classic flavor and still holds beauty with high rollability and moderate weight. Anyone can enjoy the joints, such is its appeal. Natural flax fiber is the primary ingredient of paper which causes a slow burn rate. So, your joint will also burn longer.

Zig-Zag Organic Hemp Rolling Papers:

These rolling papers come in unbleached and made of natural hemp compounds. It is true that ultra-thin papers are hard to roll. However, this is not the same with this rolling paper. With a moderate burn rate, it pleases the smoker with an earthy flavor.

Zig-Zag King Size Rolling Papers

These Zigzag rolling papers are great for preparing large joints. It is made from natural flax fibers and gives the same feeling as the French Orange Paper. Smokers can easily roll the papers, and it burns slowly and smoothly. The thin adhesive strip is also 100% natural and is made of gum arabic.

Zig-Zag King Size Cone Papers:

This cone paper eliminates the task of rolling a joint. Beginners can easily use the products, but veterans also appreciate its convenience. It comes into pre-rolled form in a tapered shape, and you have little control over its size.

Zigzag rolling papers are getting huge attention because of their innovative product creation. They bring creativity to the art of making rolling papers and joints. VGI Distribution continually supplying the paper to retailers for meeting the demand in the market. It is one of the largest wholesale vape product distributors that serve a chain of businesses to offer satisfaction to vape lovers. 

Jul 21st 2022 Jack Ruell

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