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EB Design x Podking XC5000 Disposable 5%


EB Design x Podking XC5000 Disposable 5%

Pod King X Elf Bar is a collaboration between the Supreme Pod King and the Mighty EB Designs bar. This collaboration is made by EB Designs procuring Pod King's flavors.

  • EB Design x Podking XC5000 Disposable
  • Sold individually, Available in 10 pack
  • 13.5mL Pre-Filled Synthetic E-Liquid
  • Approximately 5000 Puffs
  • 5% Nicotine (50mg/ml)
  • Battery Capacity 650mah
  • Rechargeable 
  • Mesh Coil
  • Short-Circuit Protection
  • Over-Charging Protection 


Flavor Profiles:

Blue Razz Fcuking Fab - sweet and tangy blue raspberry

Watermelon Candy - sweet, juicy flavor of watermelon with a candy twist

Sundance - sweet, tropical flavor of pineapple, mango, and papaya

Cotton Ball - unique blend of cotton candy and mixed fruit flavors

Cranberry Soda - crisp, tart blend of cranberry and soda flavors

Dragon Fcuking Fab - dragon fruit along with a mystery flavor touch

Fcuking Fab - mystery fruits and flavor

Fresh Mint - smooth and satisfying mint flavor

Fuji Lush Ice - blend of fuji apple, watermelon and smooth ice

Mixed Berries - delicious blend of berry flavors

Peach Fcuking Fab - mouthwatering peach and a mystery flavor

Peach Mango - delicious blend of peach and mango flavors

Pina Fcuking Fab - pina colada and a mystery flavor

Rainbow - mixed fruit flavors 

Red Apple - crisp, refreshing flavor of red apple

Straw Fcuking Fab - strawberry and a mystery flavor

Strawberry Dragonfruit Mango - sweet, tropical flavor of strawberry, dragon fruit, and mango

Strazz Candy - sweet, strawberry-raspberry candy flavor

White Gummy - juicy, sweet flavor of watermelon with a gummy twist 

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