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Reds Apple - Berries 60ML


Reds Apple E Juice has just been enhanced for only the most extreme of fruit fans. Behold, Berries Reds Apple E Juice, another wonderful product from the makers at Vape 7 Daze. We already know that green and yellow apples aren’t your ballpark through the exponential popularity of Reds Apple E Juice. What if you throw a bundle of freshly picked berries in the mix of sensational red apples? We bet you wouldn’t be able to mimic the careful consideration applied by Vape 7 Daze when they brewed this creative concoction. Don’t worry, the presence of delicious red apples remains the same but with an extra boost from the other flavor kings of the fruit family: the berries. Think of it as an apple juice that has been filtered through a basket of fresh berries, straight from the berry patch. Sweetness, tartness, mildness, and boldness seem like counteracting descriptions. However, in this case, they work in perfect harmony with a few other words that probably haven’t been created to describe the fruitful bounty of this enhanced e juice. The inhale packs a punch of berry blast that sends your taste buds into celebration. Leaving the user with a lingering mildness perfect for daily use, Vape 7 Daze maintains their famous smooth red apple flavor for the exhale, instantly maintaining and creating super-satisfied customers. You can take our word for it but we just can’t serve it justice. This is a must-try for any apple vapor who wants that little something extra to push them into a vaping experience they never thought existed. Your wishes are what Vape 7 Daze delivers through Berries Reds Apple E Juice.


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