Vibes Fine Papers

Vibes 1-1/4 Hemp Coffin Cones - 30 pack display



  • 30 Coffins
  • 180 Total Cones
  • Ultra Thin, Rice, Organic Hemp, or Hemp Cones
  • 1.25" Standard Length
  • Slow and Even Burn

Stay stocked on Vibes Cones with the Vibes Cones Box - 1.25”. Each box comes with 30 coffins of cones, with 6 in each box, giving you a grand total of 180 Vibes Cones. The Vibes Cones Box is available in Ultra Thin, Rice, or Hemp.

These are more of a “traditional” hemp cone. The natural hemp paper of the Vibes Hemp Cone is still thin enough to let your experience the full flavor profile of your material, and will burn slowly and evenly.

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