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Zig Zag Rose Cones - Carton of 8

  • Zig Zag Rose Cones - Carton of 8
  • Zig Zag Rose Cones - Carton of 8
  • Zig Zag Rose Cones - Carton of 8


Premium Rose Cones - Assorted Colors

Each Tube Includes:

  • 3 Rose Cones (109mm)
  • Packing Tool
  • Humidity Control Pack (Integra - 1g 62%)
  • 8 Tubes per Carton

Wake up and smell the roses! Introducing Zig-Zag's Premium Rose Cones. Partnering with the finest rose farms from around the world Zig-Zag brings a natural and convenient way to enjoy a premium, tobacco-free smoking experience. 

Each hand-crafted rose cone begins as a naturally grown rosebud. The buds are then carefully selected for petal quality before being crafted around an ultra-thin Zig-Zag Unbleached King Size Cone to give the perfect convenient shape for packing and burning. Then packed in a protective plastic tube with a packing tool and a humidity control pack to keep the roses fresh and aromatic when you're ready to burn. 

Assorted Colors - 3 possible rose color varieties. Assorted randomly among tubes. 

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