A51 - Hand Pipe 120G


A51 - Hand Pipe 120G

Introducing the glass Alien Hand Pipe, a uniquely designed smoking accessory. Crafted with high-quality black glass, this hand pipe not only offers exceptional functionality but also adds a touch of extraterrestrial allure to your smoking sessions.

The black glass construction not only adds a sleek and modern look but also ensures durability and heat resistance. This hand pipe is built to withstand the test of time and provide you with countless enjoyable smoking sessions.

Equipped with a deep bowl, this hand pipe allows you to pack a generous amount of herbs, providing long-lasting sessions without frequent refills. The spacious bowl ensures smooth airflow and consistent burning, giving you a satisfying and flavorful smoking experience every time.

Easy to use and clean, this hand pipe is perfect for both beginner and experienced smokers. Embrace the extraterrestrial allure, durability, and functionality this hand pipe has to offer. Enjoy a unique and satisfying smoking experience with an accessory that truly stands out.

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