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When it comes to finding the best alternative cannabis products, Hidden Hills Club is a name that stands out in the industry. Their dedication to providing customers with top-quality, high-end options has made them a go-to destination for alternative cannabis enthusiasts. All Hidden Hills Club products are subjected to comprehensive panel third-party lab testing and meet stringent quality and potency standards. You can have complete confidence that each dose you take is from a secure and trustworthy product that guarantees reliable and consistent results. We've rounded up five of their best-selling products that have gained popularity among customers. So, let's dive in and explore these must-try products!

1. 2G VVS Liquid Diamond Disposable

For those who prefer a convenient and discreet option to enjoy alternative cannabis, the VVS Disposable Diamond Pen is the ultimate choice. This sleek pen guarantees a smooth and consistent vaping experience, allowing you to fully enjoy your sessions. The Night Night Blend of Delta 9, THC-A, and THC-P cannabinoids takes vaping to a whole new level.

Key highlights include:

  • Single button operation
  • Improved ceramic coil
  • Dual air channel chambers
  • USB-C port for fast charging
  • Convenient on-the-go us  

2. 2G Live Resin Cartridges

Experience the pinnacle of alternative cannabis vaping with Hidden Hills 2G Live Resin Carts. These carts contain an exclusive blend of D11, D9, and THC-P cannabinoids, expertly crafted using cutting-edge extraction and blending techniques for an unparalleled experience. These 2G Live Resin carts offer an unparalleled vaping experience. Here are some prominent features:

  • Universal 510 Connection: Compatible with your existing device for seamless use.
  • Optimized Ceramic Oil: Delivers a consistent flavor and smooth draw with every hit, ensuring a premium vaping experience.
  • Smooth and flavorful hits
  • Available in a variety of flavors and strains
  • Perfect for on-the-go use 

3. VVS Blend Pre-rolls

Introducing Hidden Hills’ Bussdown Jawns, the perfect choice for alternative cannabis enthusiasts seeking maximum potency and consistency. Each pre-roll is expertly crafted with a proprietary blend of THC-A VVS and finished with a diamond drizzle, guaranteeing an elevated experience. The Hidden Hills pre-rolls are ideal for a solo smoke or to share with friends. These pre-rolls have gained immense popularity among connoisseurs, and here's why:

  • .7 gram pre-roll, delivering optimal potency
  • Jar contains five mini pre-rolls, totaling 3.5 grams
  • Each joint is infused with THC-P, ensuring consistent and powerful effects.
  • Handcrafted with precision and expertise
  • Assortment of strains to suit every preference

4. 3000MG VVS Diamond Belts

If you're looking for an edible experience that's potent, delicious, and effective, look no further than the Hidden Hills 3000MG VVS Diamond Belts. These exclusive Night Night Blends contain a proprietary combination of THC-A, D9, and THC-P cannabinoids. Developed in-house using a cutting-edge cryo infusion process that creates a one-of-a-kind indulgence for cannabis enthusiasts. Notable features include:

  • Delectable treats packed with raw power
  • Package contains 10 300mg edibles
  • Blend of THC-A, D9 and THC-P cannabinoids

5. 3G Live Sugar Disposable – Rizz Mix

For those seeking an adventure, the Hidden Hills 3G Live Sugar Disposable is a game-changer. Packed with high potency THCp, D9, and pure HTE, this premium concoction guarantees a flower-like encounter like no other. The cold water extraction process helps elevate your smoking session to extraordinary heights with The Rizz Mix! Key features include:

  • User-friendly and simple to use
  • Single button operation
  • Pre-heat and adjustable power setting
  • Smooth and flavorful hits
  • Quick on/off feature
  • USB-C fast charging

Hidden Hills Club offers an exceptional range of alternative cannabis products, and these top-selling items have gained a reputation for delivering quality, potency, and flavor. Whether you're a seasoned alternative cannabis enthusiast or new to the scene, these products are sure to exceed your expectations.

It's no wonder these five products have become customer favorites, as they bring together the best in quality, innovation, and satisfaction. Hidden Hills Club continues to captivate the alternative cannabis community with their commitment to excellence. So, don't miss out on the opportunity to try these top sellers and elevate your cannabis experience to new heights! Purchase your Hidden Hills Club products at VGI Distribution.

Note: Always consume cannabis responsibly and in accordance with local laws and regulations. Must be 21+ to use these products. 

Mar 6th 2024 Maggie Gowen

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