EB Create (EB Design)

EB Design BC5000 Disposable

  • EB Design BC5000 Disposable
  • EB Design BC5000 Disposable
  • EB Design BC5000 Disposable
  • EB Design BC5000 Disposable
  • EB Design BC5000 Disposable
  • EB Design BC5000 Disposable
  • EB Design BC5000 Disposable
  • EB Design BC5000 Disposable
  • EB Design BC5000 Disposable
  • EB Design BC5000 Disposable
  • EB Design BC5000 Disposable
  • EB Design BC5000 Disposable


EB Design BC5000 Disposable (Formerly known as Elf Bar)

  • Available in display of 10 units
  • Size: 79mm*41mm*19mm
  • E-liquid Capacity: 9.5mL
  • Nicotine Strength: 5%
  • Battery Capacity: 650mAhPuffs: 5000

Flavor Profiles:

Blue Mint: a blend of cool and icy mint with a hint of sweet.  

Blue Razz Ice: blue razz vape flavor with a cooling frosty taste.

Blue Razz Lemon: blends sweet and tangy blueberry, raspberry and lemon with a cool & icy exhale. 

Clear: a flavorless, light menthol.

Cranberry Grape: tart cranberry with a fruity grape vape flavor.

Lemon Mint: perfectly blends sweet and sour lemon with a mint exhale all in one. 

Malibu: blends fresh peach, pineapple and orange flavors with a light ice. 

Mango Peach: juicy ripe peach flavor with a smooth mango exhale.

Miami Mint: a blend of fresh citrus with a refreshing cool mint.

Peach Berry: fresh peach and mixed berry flavors.

Peach Ice: ripe juicy peaches with a cool icy exhale.

Peach Mango Watermelon: perfectly blends peach, mango and watermelon.

Pineapple Coconut Ice: sweet pineapple taste complimented by a hint of creamy coconut and an icy finish on the exhale.

Sakura Grape: a rush of sweet purple grape flavor.

Sour Apple: an astounding blend of sweet and sour red and green apples. 

Strawberry Banana:  smooth and fruity blend of strawberry and banana. 

Strawberry Ice: slightly chilled blend of sweet summer strawberry flavors with a cool ice KICK!

Strawberry Kiwi: an exotic kiwi and summer strawberry vape flavor perfectly blended.

Strawberry Pina Colada: blends ripe strawberries with a tropical pina colada punch. 

Strawberry Watermelon: an even blend of ripe strawberry with a mellow watermelon taste.

STRAZZ: a delicious strawberry flavor complemented by an authentic raspberry flavor and a hint of ice.

Triple Berry Ice: blends blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry flavors into one fantastic triple berry flavor. 

Tropical Rainbow Blast: combines sweet fruity flavors.

Watermelon Bubblegum:  a candy watermelon explosion followed by just the right amount of old-fashioned bubblegum flavor.

Watermelon Ice: smooth watermelon meets a cool frosty ice flavor.

Blueberry Tobacco: combines the bold flavor of tobacco with the sweet and tart taste of blueberries.

Snoow Grape (Frosted Edition, 40MG): concord Grape & menthol ice, sweet & cool.

Cherry Lemon Mint (Frosted Edition, 40MG) - cherry sweetness with citrus, lemon, sweet mint.

Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice - ultra sweet mix of cherry and berry flavors with that crisp mint.

Black Winter - like Winter Berry, but with ice instead of mint. Frozen blackberry!

Blueberry POM Ice - well-balanced mix that has a fresh, sweet blueberry base, splash of tart pomegranate and cool mint.

Cranberry Grape - a mix of tart cranberry and fruity grape smushed together.

Cuba Cigar: earthy aromas and flavor profiles renowned in cigars crafted with the finest quality tobacco leaves.

Cranberry Puncher: combining tart cranberry and fruit punch in a delicate balance of sweet and tart that will tantalize the senses with every puff.

Mint Tobacco: this blend offers a smooth and satisfying experience. An ideal balance of minty flavor and bold tobacco taste provides a pleasant and satisfying flavor.

Nut Tobacco: velvety tobacco flavor and a hint of almond-y amazement! Take in the smooth, almondy taste and let it tantalize your taste buds. 

Pineapple Orange Mint: a tantalizing concoction that will whisk you away to the beach with its sweet pineapple and citrusy orange - the perfect pair! Let the strong, minty finale leave you feeling cool and revitalized.

Strawberry Mango: a refreshing fusion of sweet and tart flavors brings together the distinct taste of strawberry and mango.

Strawberry Passion Fruit Duo Ice: 

Pineapple Strawnana: perfect harmony of strawberry and banana, complemented by a delightful pineapple aftertaste. Enjoy a smooth and fruity vaping experience that has become a timeless classic.

Sunset: a palette of citrus and tropical fruit hues, a vaping experience that paints the sky.

Mixed Fruity: a medley of assorted fruits, a harmonious blend that dances on the palate.

Strawberry Pear Orange Ice: a trio of ripe strawberry, juicy pear, and zesty orange, a symphony of flavors.

Strawlemon Ice: ripe strawberry meets zesty lemon on ice, a fruity-citrus chill.

Strawberry Tobacco: ripe strawberries meet robust tobacco, a unique and balanced fusion.

Fuji Ice: crisp Fuji apple essence with an icy twist, a refreshing burst of fruit on ice.



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