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Royal Mushroom - Oil Tinctures 60ml

  • Royal Mushroom Oil Tinctures 60ml Chaga
  • Royal Mushroom Oil Tinctures 60ml Cordyceps
  • Royal Mushroom Oil Tinctures 60ml Lion's Mane
  • Royal Mushroom Oil Tinctures 60ml Maitake
  • Royal Mushroom Oil Tinctures 60ml Reishi
  • Royal Mushroom Oil Tinctures 60ml Turkey Tail


Royal Mushroom - Oil Tinctures 60ml

Experience the ultimate in nutritional supplementation with Royal Mushroom Wellness Company's Cordyceps Mushroom Oil Tincture.


Give your immune system the boost it deserves. This Chaga extract provides a natural blend of antioxidants and compounds that can support a lower low-density lipoprotein count (LDL), the so-called bad cholesterol. Chaga can support cardiovascular health and support immune function by giving your body what it needs to support health. Royal Mushroom Chaga extract is vegan, gluten-free, and fully packed with flavor.


  • High in antioxidants to support immune system health
  • Supports the reduction of oxidative stress or free radicals which are responsible for cell and tissue damage
  • Supports balanced, restful sleep
  • Supports lower low-density lipoproteins, the so-called bad cholesterol
  • Supports the regulation of cytokines, supporting the immune system by helping cells communicate with one another
  • Supports the regulation of inflammation


Looking for that extra edge in the gym? Cordyceps have been linked to supporting the body’s production of adenosine triphosphate, the delivery mechanism of energy to muscles. Cordyceps can support oxygen levels in the bloodstream which is fundamental for muscle growth and strength. Additionally, cordyceps provide a whole slew of other health supports. Cordyceps can reduce fatigue, increase sex drive, and improve memory. The health benefits of cordyceps have been known for centuries, and scientists are eager to study them in more detail.


  • Can support increased oxygen levels in the bloodstream
  • Can support reduced fatigue
  • Increased memory function
  • Fights inflammation
  • Supports a healthy heart
  • Supports the management of Type 2 Diabetes


This mushroom goes by a few different names including the mushroom of immortality. That’s a big claim for such a small mushroom, but we can see why. Native to Europe, Asia, and North America, the Reishi contains a whole host of health boosting properties that have been admired for centuries. Known as adaptogens, Reishi have compounds that help the body respond and adapt to various types of stress. This includes leveling the body’s energy levels and regulating the stress response system when we’re under high degrees of pressure. Reishi mushrooms also support the immune system in a variety of ways such as support for liver functionality, and the production of polysaccharides known as beta glucans which are vital for stopping free radicals that cause cell and tissue damage. This extract comes highly recommended for those seeking a broad range of health benefits.


  • Regulate the body’s stress response system
  • Promotes mental clarity
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Supports liver function
  • Kills free radicals responsible for cell and tissue damage
  • Contains powerful antioxidants


There is no question that our Maitake extract has all the immune system benefits that you’re looking for. Known as the hen of the woods, maitake is considered king of the mushrooms due to its rich, earthy taste as well as its myriad of health benefits. Maitake is rich in bioactive polysaccharides, well-documented proteins vital for immune protection and antitumor properties. Maitake supports the production of lymphokines and interleukins too, which are vital for improved immune response. Get the most out of your mushrooms with our maitake extract today.


  • Excellent Vitamin D supplement
  • Targets and destroys free radicals
  • May aid in diabetic management - supports insulin receptors and reduces insulin resistance

Lion's Mane

The ample amount of research into the health benefits of Lion’s Mane are difficult to ignore. This mushroom shows some of the highest promise in cognitive health function and scientists have been eager to study more of its potential uses. Lion’s mane may protect against dementia, support the reduction of anxiety and depression, and even help support nerve health. On top of that, lion’s mane has been shown to support cardiovascular health. Promising health applications for lion’s mane mushrooms are becoming more and more ubiquitous, so we’re thrilled to offer this promising extract as well.


  • May support cognitive function
  • May support the reduction of anxiety and depression
  • May support nerve health
  • May sromote brain health
  • Promotes cardiovascular health
  • Support a healthy immune system
  • May reduce inflammation and oxidative stress

Turkey Tail

You can probably guess how this one gets its name. The turkey tail can be found growing around river banks and is identifiable by its flat, fan-shaped multicolored rings. The turkey tail possesses an impressive range of compounds that can significantly boost immune system health. Turkey tail mushrooms have been used for a millennia in Asia and are highly revered for their wide range of health value. People with weakened immunity have found turkey tail mushrooms extremely supportive. For example, cancer patients often use turkey tail mushrooms because it may help the body’s response to cancer medicine and radiation. The turkey tail has strong antioxidant properties and may protect DNA from free radical damage as well. If this isn’t enough, turkey tail mushrooms are also linked to muscle strength, reducing fatigue, and heightened immune response to UTIs. Royal Mushroom turkey tail extract comes jam-packed with these compounds and tastes great too.


  • High in antioxidants
  • May kill free radicals responsible for cell and tissue damage
  • May increase muscle strength and improve recovery time
  • may reduce fatigue
  • Works synergistically with radiation and other cancer treatments.

Recommended Use: Fill Dropper to the 1ml mark. Swallow by mouth or add to desired coffee or drink.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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