Yocan - Handy Magnetic Connector 50/Display



Yocan - Handy Magnetic Connector 50/Display

  • 510-Threaded Connections
  • Magnetic Links
  • Ribbed Edges for Easy and Convenient Use

The Yocan Handy Magnetic Connector was designed and engineered for the Yocan Handy Vaporizer to provide its consumers with a more seamless experience when using the device. Many of today’s cartridge consumers are always on-the-go. They rarely have the liberty and the luxury of having to spare a few minutes only to unscrew and screw back cartridges to their battery. The Yocan Handy Magnetic Connector was specially designed to allow users to have a convenient and straightforward experience when connecting this magnetic link to their cartridge. The difference in design it has compared to other magnetic connectors on the market today is its ribbed design. The ribbed edges make holding and twisting the magnetic connector to the cartridge easier and less stressful to the hands. With additional grip, you won’t experience slippage when you connect the link to the cartridge. Plus, it gives you a better feel of how tight the connection is. You no longer have to suffer broken cartridges or loose magnetic connectors, because you’ll have a good sense of how strong or how weak the connection is. In addition, you can see that there are hollow grooves on the sides of the magnetic link. These grooves or indentations are dedicated for additional airflow allowing the proper amount of air to pass through the cartridge for a smoother vaping experience.

The magnets also have a strong grip allowing the cartridge to stay in place so that it won’t fall off the battery even when you keep the Yocan Handy Box Mod in your pockets. The Yocan Handy Magnetic Connector will ensure that it stays in place so that it will not make a mess inside your pants or so that the cartridge will not break.

The Yocan Handy Magnetic Connector not only makes reloading the cartridges easy but it also strengthens the overall integrity of the Yocan Handy Vaporizer. This is because instead of having to connect the cartridges in the battery directly, you now have a pseudo-510-threaded connection that links up with the battery via a magnetic connection. This prevents you from having to buy the whole unit itself when the 510 threaded connection starts to get loose. So instead of having to buy an entirely new unit, all you have to replace is the magnetic connections.

Suggested MSRP: $6.95 each

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