Celebrate with Us: Vape Guys Rockets to No. 127 on Inc. Magazine's 2023s Mid-Atlantic Fastest-Growing Private Companies List

Celebrate with Us: Vape Guys Rockets to No. 127 on Inc. Magazine's 2023s Mid-Atlantic Fastest-Growing Private Companies List

VGI Brands marks three years in a row of 202% revenue growth and moving up eight positions in the 2023s Mid-Atlantic Region ranking.

Join us as we celebrate VGI Distribution’s incredible success of being included for a fifth consecutive year in Inc. Magazine's Mid-Atlantic Fastest-Growing Private Companies List for 2023. The tremendous feat of rocketing to No. 127 highlights their remarkable growth, innovation, and dedication to providing quality wholesale vape products and the best customer service.

Even though the vaping industry has faced its fair share of scrutiny and regulatory challenges in recent years, VGI Distribution, like other players in the market, continues to navigate through uncertain times and adapt to changing regulations. However, instead of being deterred, VGI chose to face these challenges head-on. They tirelessly worked with regulatory bodies, advocating for responsible marketing practices and reasonableregulations and therefore, aligning business practices with evolving guidelines. By proactively addressing market challenges, VGI Brands ensured compliance while gaining credibility and trust within the industry.

For VGI Distribution, earning this honor as a top seller of wholesale vape and smoke shop products and accessories is a testament to the incredible effort and energy their staff has put forth to help the company expand at such a rate. As Yan Gleyzer, VGI's CEO, has mentioned, “I owe everything to my team. My employees are my greatest investment. At VGI, we attract and retain talented people by creating an exciting work environment that provides opportunities to grow and thrive, such as extensive training and attending industry events worldwide.”

“With this incredible recognition by Inc Magazine, we must express our gratitude and recognize that VGI Distribution’s success is not only possible because of a keen understanding of market trends and consumer preferences. Our company made its mark in this growing market because it offers a range of high-quality and innovative vaping and smoke shop wholesale products while taking care of our customers,” as Gleyzer points out, “During this rapid period of growth, VGI Distribution has continued to invest in its platform to bring access to products that meet the needs of shop owners to better fuel their lives. We're proud to be recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in the Mid-Atlantic."

VGI has reached this industry milestone thanks to their customers, employees and the community that has developed as a by-product of their support and loyalty. The company's rapid growth, strategic vision, and ability to connect with customers in an engaging way in our relentless pursuit of excellence to provide all clients with a one-stop shopping experience that guarantees their success in a continuously changing industry have propelled us to new heights.

Inc Media is a highly trusted business-media brand. Entrepreneurs gain knowledge, tools, connections, and support to build successful companies. Inc. Magazine's Mid-Atlantic Fastest-Growing Private Companies List is no ordinary rundown of businesses. It is a highly respected and sought-after accolade that shines a spotlight on the region's most dynamic and prosperous companies. Making it onto this list catapults VGI Distribution into an elite league of entrepreneurial success and showcases our ability to navigate the competitive landscape of the wholesale vape and smoke shop industry. Being recognized by Inc. motivates everyone at VGI to work harder, stay ahead of trends, and continue collaborating efforts with top manufacturers.

Being an Inc. 5000 member serves as a reminder that VGI Distribution's dedication to innovation, resilience, and customer satisfaction has significantly impacted the wholesale vape and smoke shop industry. “This recognition from Inc. Magazine has fueled our ambition to reach even greater heights, setting new targets for future growth and expansion,” states Gleyzer.

Heading into 2024, VGI Distribution will continue to offer a wide variety of top-quality wholesale vapor, hemp-derived and smoke shop products. As Yan Gleyzer highlights, “Clients are more than a revenue line item. Although VGI Brands has gained considerable market share in the vape industry, we will keep improving our processes and systems to provide better service and efficiency because reaching that No. 1 spot is one of our driving goals, and we know we can achieve it.”

Until then, let's raise our vape pens and celebrate Vape Guys' remarkable achievement!

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Aug 30th 2023 Jack Ruell

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