Top Popular Brands in the Vaping Industry

Top Popular Brands in the Vaping Industry

Vape lovers are always waiting for innovative flavors and tastes, and reputed brands follow their customers' wishes and bring quality products. Although the vaping industry is enriched with many popular names, only a few vape brands and manufacturers meet the expectation of the industry. Let’s get ready to discover the most popular brands that will never make you disappointed. They not only maintain the highest standard for producing quality products, but they also introduce new flavors to set the trend.

We have tested thousands of brands and bring to you the best list considering the sales and users’ recommendations.

Jam Monster:

Jam Monster is one of the most beloved brands that promise to offer the most satisfying experience to vape lovers. The blend of unique flavors makes each vape juice extraordinary and perfect. It has been in the vaping industry for long years, and its huge experience helped them discover flavors that no one tested before. Vape juices by Jam Monster brought back memories of the past as the brand is dedicated to upholding the true note of traditional fruit jams, including apple, blueberry, raspberry, grape, and more.

Their e-juices offer you an amazing blend of buttery and fruity tastes. If you are looking for brands that can meet your changing demands, Jam Monster can be your favorite name.


It is another popular brand that brings you an elite taste through its fruit edition. The brand presents the art of creating e-liquids by ensuring the best standard. Their collection releases a complete flavor range that also complements each other. Each one has a hint of their remarkable prowess in the field of e-liquids. The brand is more popular for its creative mixture of flavors that match different tastes perfectly. They always maintain the crispiness and juicy notes of fruits and different flavors. The best-selling flavors among their huge collection are Apple peach Sour, crème de la crème, apple paradise, and more. The more you dig the offers, the better names you will get.

Air Factory:

Air Factory has become a household name in the vaping industry because of the love the brand gets from users. The brand stays always true to bringing quality tastes and exploring new flavors. Their first release came in 2016, and they quickly set the trend with the first-ever release of e-liquids in a 100ml chubby gorilla unicorn bottle. Since then, the brand has never looked back and introduced many premium flavors that everyone loves. The popularity of the brand is such that you will get an Air Factory in every e-liquid store. The original Air factory Line introduces some amazing flavors like blue Razz, Mystery, Melon Rush, Strawberry Kiwi, Wild Apple, and more.

Just CBD:

When the list is about the best vaping brands, it is impossible to skip the name Just CBD. The brand gains the pinnacle of glory in the field of CBD and vaping industry through its wide collection of products. Besides, so many positive reviews from customers make the brand the most popular one. There are so many reasons that keep the Just CBD ahead of others. Maintaining the highest level of transparency and quality, the brand earns the faith of users. They concentrate on every single factor like Hemp source, GMPs, and more for producing quality products.

Coastal Clouds:

Coastal Cloud is successfully exploring the vaping industry in a unique way, keeping the fruit punch alive in flavors. The most sought-after tastes are guava, blueberry muffin, and peach tea. Their creative fruit blends get real appreciation, offering the best vaping sensation to the users. They also have a wide product collection, meeting your every demand extraordinarily. Explore irresistible Coastal Clouds flavors to meet your tastes.

These are the popular brands that dominate the vaping industry. If you are a business person and want to venture into the vaping world, search for the best distributors who will meet your expectation really well. VGI Distribution is a reputed and trustworthy name that delivers your customers' interest without taking too much time. The best thing is that your store’s shelves will never run out of products, and your customers will never get disappointed as they have a really huge vape product collection.

May 14th 2022

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